Privacy Policy for All My Apps

(Last updated: 12 Sep 2017) Following terms apply to all of my apps as noted. By using my apps and services, you agree to recognize and be bound by this Privacy Policy, and you consent to the collection and use of your data as articulated in its terms. I may occasionally revise the privacy policy by posting the changes here.

Apps with Ads

Any of my apps with ads use AdMob SDK for delivering ads to users. AdMob is a Google service and you can review relevant Google privacy policy on the subject.

Apps with Login

Any of my apps with a 'login' feature will collect your name/e-mail address to uniquely identify you. This is done so that you can access your account from multiple devices and your relevant information (game score, etc.) will be readily available on all devices.

All Apps

All of my apps collect device specific information upon application crash to identify and solve the issue related to that device. Data collected will be limited to the applications own data plus non-personally identifiable generic device information (i.e. amount of RAM, device model, version numbers of relevant apps, etc.).


If you have a specific request or question about this privacy policy, you can contact me through the we site that this privacy policy is hosted at.